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WIPO PROOF - A New Tool Launched by WIPO


The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) has launched a new online service - WIPO PROOF.

WIPO PROOF complements WIPO’s portfolio of services for patents, trademarks, industrial designs, geographical indications and arbitration and mediation services, providing a new tool for the strategic global management of intellectual assets.

The tool is designed in the context of the digital development of the contemporary world, in which innovation and creativity are based on technology, metadata and global collaboration.

WIPO PROOF provides a fast and efficient way to protect digital files at an affordable cost for innovators and creators in almost every field.

Whether you have a creative work, a product design, an invention or research data and insights from the innovation process, WIPO PROOF is an additional way to safeguard valuable intellectual assets. In seconds, this tool generates a globally recognized digital fingerprint. The digital fingerprint certifies the date and time of registration of the intangible asset on the WIPO PROOF platform and thus provides a digital confirmation equivalent to the notarial one, offering a trusted, cost-effective and efficient service worldwide.

It is an easy-to-use online service rapidly generating tamper-proof evidence proving that a digital file existed at a specific point in time, and that it has not been altered since that time.

The WIPO PROOF token can be used to confirm the existence of an object at a certain date, thus preventing misuse and misappropriation, and can be useful in safeguarding intellectual assets at every stage of development from concept to commercialization, whether or not they will obtain the appropriate protection as intellectual property objects.

The person concerned receives the token, and another copy is securely stored on the WIPO servers.

More details about the new tool launched by WIPO can be accessed at the following address: