WIPO facilitates on-line access to scientific journals


WIPO has launched a new partnership between public and private sectors in order to ensure free on-line access to a range of scientific and technical journals for the industrial property offices, universities and scientific and research institutions in underdeveloped countries, and for industrial property offices of some developed countries - access to a reasonable price.

The access program to the investigations for the development and innovation was developed by WIPO in cooperation with several major scientific and technical publishings, with the contribution of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, World Health Organization and the United Nations for the environment, which provided recommendations and experience gained in the realization of similar programs in their fields of activity.

The respective program will contribute to the creative potential and facilitating the integration of world economy based on knowledge, according to the Action Plan objectives of WIPO for the development. According to one of them, WIPO should facilitate access for national offices of developing countries to specialized databases in order to make patent documentations.

In occasion of launching the project, Francis Gurry, WIPO Director General, said: “Access to the information from scientific and technical literature is of major importance in the process of innovation. It complements very useful access to technical information in patent documents, documentation service provided by WIPO PATENTSCOPE ® “. F. Gurry underlined that implementing programs that would allow developing and underdeveloped countries to access such information and use it effectively is a priority activity for WIPO.

Details: http://www.wipo.int/pressroom/en/articles/2009/article_0025.html