The winners of the “Mold SEF” National Science and Engineering Contest for Students were announced


The 7th edition of the “Mold SEF” National Science and Engineering Contest for Students took place from 15 to 17 February this year in the precincts of the Theoretical Rea- Profile Lyceum “Mihai Marinciuc” in the capital.

The contest is organized by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research (MECC) and the National Agency for Curriculum and Assessment, in collaboration with Intel Company and the Association of Private ICT Companies of ​​the Republic of Moldova and other partners.

The event aims at identifying and developing the students’ multiple intelligences, increasing the interest in the study of mathematics, physics, informatics, chemistry, biology, natural sciences, technological and engineering sciences, as well as the gifted children from the Republic of Moldova. The opening ceremony was attended by the State Secretary General Igor Sarov, who wished the participants success, encouraging them to persevere on the path of research.

It has become a tradition for the State Agency on Intellectual Property (AGEPI) to participate as a partner in the organization of the prestigious contest in order to support and promote creativity and innovation among the younger generation. In the current edition, AGEPI held an instructive seminar for teachers – coordinating professors of competitors.

Every year, the competition expands geographically, increases the number of participants and projects presented, which shows an increase in the interest of young people for research. Thus, 124 pupils from 13 districts and municipalities participated in “Mold SEF 2019”, being registered 72 projects. It is worth mentioning that 85 competitors from 10 districts and municipalities were present at the event in 2018 who presented 53 projects.

The Judging Commission has assessed the projects from the perspective of the following criteria: applicability and economic benefit; the creative approach; scientific approach; the complexity of the study; topicality of the theme, and also the clarity of the presentation.

For the best works there were awarded mentions, prizes, 1st, 2nd and 3rd class diplomas, according to the three categories of contest, and special prizes from the partners. AGEPI offered gifts and informative products to all participants.

Representatives of the institutions involved in the organization of the event, partners and sponsors of the event were present at the awarding ceremony. The guests congratulated the laureates for their performance and expressed their confidence that the future of the Republic of Moldova is in the hands of ambitious and inventive young people.

The projects that ranked first, for each category are:

Project „Жизнь без отходов - вторая жизнь картофеля” (Life without waste – the second life of potatoes), Proseanchina Olga and Adamco Alexei, Theoretical Lyceum “Dimitrie Cantemir” from Balti – Science and Mathematics category;

Project “Articulated Mechanism of Manipulator”, Salogub Dmitrii and Eremina Elizaveta, Theoretical Lyceum “Dimitrie Cantemir”, College of Plastic Arts “Al. Plamadeala”, Chisinau – Applied Sciences category;

Project “Skin Cancer Early Diagnosis using Transfer Learning”, Melnic Roman, Public Institution Theoretical Lyceum “N. M. Spatarul”, Chisinau – Information Technology category.

Present at the event closing ceremony, AGEPI representative Mrs. Liliana Vieru, Head of Promotion and External Relations Department, congratulated the participants for the remarkable results achieved and mentioned that this competition is an excellent platform for identifying and promoting young talents of the Republic Moldova, an inexhaustible source of creativity and inventiveness. To promote the most innovative projects, AGEPI will give the laureates of the contest “Mold SEF 2019” the opportunity to participate free of charge in the International Specialized Exhibition INFOINVENT 2019, in the “Creation of Youth” Compartment, to be held from 20 to 23 November, at IEC Moldexpo, Chisinau, announced the representative of the Agency.

Traditionally, two of the awarding projects were proposed to represent the Republic of Moldova at the “Intel ISEF” International Contest, which will be held in May, in Phoenix, Arizona, United States of America, after the nominated projects will be examined by the MECC and AGEPI.

These are the projects that ranked 1st and 2nd in the Science and Mathematics category, namely:

  • Project „Жизнь без отходов - вторая жизнь картофеля” (Life without waste – the second life of potatoes), developed by the pupils Proseanchina Olga and Adamco Alexei, Theoretical Lyceum “Dimitrie Cantemir” from Balti, manager – Gorobet Ludmila (1st place).
  • Project “Natural alternative to synthetic drugs - Juglone-Sodium Alginate Binary Systems” developed by the pupils Martin Catarina-Severina and Zdrobau Anastasia, Private Educational Institution “Orizont” from Chisinau, manager – Özer Ilker (2nd place).

It is worth mentioning that one of the projects selected in the “Mold SEF” National Science and Engineering Contest to participate in the International Competition “Intel ISEF - 2018” won the 2nd Prize at the prestigious international competition.