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Visit of delegation of OSIM to AGEPI


In view of the experience exchange in the editorial-polygraph and library field in the period of November 5-9, 2007 in AGEPI took place a working visit of the delegation of the State Office on Inventions and Trademarks of Romania (OSIM). The working group comprised following persons: Cristina Bararu, head Service Publishing, Typography, Mariana Mosoianu, head Service Juridical and technical library, Adriana Negoita, responsible redactor of the Official Bulletin of Industrial Property (BOPI).

In the frame of the visit took place the meetings with the administration of AGEPI, with collaborators of the Publishing section, Section of the redaction “Intellectus” and mass-media, library and archive of the Promotion and Publishing Department. The discussions were axed on edition-multiplication of the official and promotional publications in the IP field, library acquisitions, elaboration of the National Collection of Patents, activity of conserving and restoration of the files et all.

On the 6-th November there were held a round table ‘The Library and the intellectual property”. There took part the specialists of OSIM, representatives of libraries of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova, State University of Agriculture of Moldova, State University „A. Russo” (Balti), Technical University of Moldova, Republican technical-scientific library, Informational-bibliographic Department of ULIM, collaborators of AGEPI.

There were listened the reports on the following subjects: utilization of the data bases in performing the informational assistance to the users interested in the intellectual property; involving the university libraries in the IP promotion process; republican competition “The library is the partner in IP promotion”, the second edition; the exhibitions of the books as a mean of promotion of the publications in the IP field; national collection of documents in the IP field in the Republican technologic-Scientific Library; system of classification of the patent documents, exposed in the library of AGEPI; collection of the scientific reports as a support in the IP promotion, etc.

The delegation of OSIM offered to the participants of the round table acomplete information on the activity of the specialized library of OSIM functioning from 1963. The library is completely informatized from 2000, when it was finalized the scanning of the Romanian patents of the period from 1906 up to nowadays. At the same time the utilization of the electronic data base started. The reading rooms of the OSIM library serve the users in making studies, researches and patent documentations. The library accords the following services:

  • offer of the information in the IP field;
  • examination of the proper data bases in order to identify and localizthe interested documents;
  • examination of the Internet resources;
  • examination of the documents on paper support, CD-ROMs or on-line etc.

The program of the visit also comprised meeting with the administration, professors and students of the faculty physics, mathematics, informatics, agroecology and foreign languages of the „A. Russo” State University, Balti. In the meeting took part dr., conf. univ. Eugeniu Plohotniuc, rector of the University „A. Russo”, acad. Nicolae Filip, Elena Harconita, director of the scientific library of the University, lector Sergiu Talpa, representative of AGEPI in the north zone of the republic.

During the visit the delegation of OSIM was informed on the relations of cooperation created between AGEPI and the university libraries. The library of A. Russo” State University receives sets of AGEPI publications in the form of presents. Performing the activity of intellectual property promotion, the library of A. Russo” State University of Balti possesses a considerable experience in servicing the readers manifesting the interest to implementation of the innovations, protection of IP rights etc.

As a result it was prorogated the Program of cooperation between the respective subdivisions of those two offices.