The V-th International Scientific-Practical Conference “Actual Intellectual Property Problems“


In the period of November 16-17 2006 in AGEP will take place the V-th International Scientific-Practical Conference “Actual Intellectual Property Problems. Organizers: State Agency on Intellectual Property and Academy of Sciences of Moldova Subjects of the Conference • Intellectual property – the determinant factor of economy raising • Investments in the innovational activities • Innovational risks and decrease thereof • Management of the innovations and marketing of the new products • Functioning of the innovational infrastructures • Modes of the capitalization of the intangible assets • Valuation and evidence of the intangible assets • Commercializing of the intellectual products and the transfer of technologies • Modes of regulation and encouragement of the innovational activity • The role of innovational strategies and projects in the raising the economy • Integration of the Republic of Moldova in the world innovational space • Modes of struggle with unfair competition and piracy • The economic problems of author right and relative rights Offer on participation in the Conference, that will include title of communication, name and surname of the author (authors), the working address, number of telephone, e-mail address, shall be expedited up to October 15, 2006 in the following address: Agentia de Stat pentru Proprietatea Intelectuala MD-2024, mun. Chisinau, str. A. Doga 24/1, bir. 511; e-mail – The term of presentation of the communication – November 5, 2006