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Success Models in Various Fields of Creativity, presented at a Special Event


Over 130 persons passionate about or interested in the creative industries had the opportunity to discover some success models in various fields of creativity, within a unique event organized by the State Agency on Intellectual Property (AGEPI), in collaboration with the YOUBESC Creative Institute.

The matter is about the event entitled “Success Stories in the Field of Creative Industries”, held on December 14, at the National Art Museum of Moldova.

Its purpose was to present success models in various sectors of the creative industries, to promote the importance of these industries, as well as to highlight solutions that would give an impulse to economic growth in this area.

The event was moderated by AGEPI Director General, Octavian Apostol, who, in the opening, said that in the context of the economic crisis and given the lack of natural resources, creative industries can become the intellectual engine of the national economy.

As speakers were invited Adriano Marian, founder, director, conductor of the Chisinau “Youth Orchestra”; Roman Rybaleov, photographer; Dmitrii Volosin, director of Simpals; Vitalie Esanu, founder of Evisoft Moldova and first online television; Alla Dontu, music producer and founder of YOUBESC Creative Institutes; Vasile Nedelciuc, director and founder of Endava Moldova and Tudor Darie, IT entrepreneur.

The speakers told people about how they managed to develop successful businesses using creativity or businesses based on the creative process, what is creativity to their business and which are the recommendations for those intending to develop a business in the field of creative industries.

Also, the guests urged the participants to be diligent, to know to face competition using creativity, to think differently, to draw upon the experience of others, to do quality things and have the desire to go far.

Following the sale of tickets at the event “Success Stories in the Field of Creative Industries”, it was collected the sum of 10,200 lei, money that will be donated to support a young talent, namely Irina Braguta, a 12 year old girl from Dubasarii Vechi, Criuleni district. Together with her mother and her brother aged 8 years old they live in an old house, remained from her grandparents, being in a deplorable state.

Irina is very fond of playing the piano, having also a lovely voice. She demonstrated this even in the event’s opening interpreting two songs. With the money raised, Irina will be able to continue her musical studies.

The event “Success Stories in the Field of Creative industries” was supported by Purcari Wines, National Art Museum of Moldova, Rifero, Vent d'Est, Bio-pantry of Zabriceni Monastery, Privesc.Eu and general media partner

You can view the event here: