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A Significant Step towards Transparency in the Industrial Design Registration Procedure


The database “Industrial Designs”, managed by the State Agency on Intellectual Property (AGEPI), was completed with a new functionality. The matter is about the time axis that offers a unique opportunity for people interested in following the stages of the industrial design examination and registration process, and the validity of the industrial design.

The purpose of publishing such information is to ensure the transparency of AGEPI’s activity as well as to facilitate the rapid access of applicants, holders or other interested persons as simple as possible to the information held by the State Agency on Intellectual Property especially with reference to the procedures performed on a particular industrial design. There is also the possibility to rapidly determine the status of the industrial design (valid, renewed, and expired) on the date of viewing the information.

AGEPI is the only national intellectual property office in the region that has developed and implemented such an axis related to the stages of the industrial design registration process.