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Seventh Edition of the Contest “INVENTION OF THE YEAR”


State Agency on Intellectual Property of the Republic of Moldova (AGEPI) has conducted the seventh edition of the contest “INVENTION OF THE YEAR”, intended for the scientific and innovation community of the Republic of Moldova.

The purpose of this contest is to popularize and support inventive activity in our country, encouraging holders of titles of protection for inventions with a view of to implement into production the results of their intellectual achievements and to involve national investors in using inventions in the technical and scientific field.

In the contest are admitted works disclosed in patents for invention granted to inventors of the Republic of Moldova, which were issued by AGEPI or foreign intellectual property offices in the last three years, having a positive impact on the development of national economy, solution of problems related to current necessities, performing operations, transporting, chemistry, food industry, textiles, mechanical engineering, electricity, physics and other fields.

Priority is given to inventions, whose exploitation has resulted in real economic effects. The conditions of the contest are set forth in the Regulations of organization and conduct of the Contest “Invention of the Year”. The contest includes the following nominations:

“Invention of the Year”

“Invention of the Year Created by a Young Inventor”

The balance sheet of the contest and awarding of winners at held within the framework of the festive meeting dedicated to the Inventor’s and Rationalizer’s Day in the Republic of Moldova, marked annually on the last Saturday of June.

After examining the files included in the contest, the Organizing Committee nominated the following winners of this year’s edition:

a) in the nomination “Invention of the Year-2010”: Ion Habasescu, Victor Schibitchi, Boris Chicu, Boris Zadorojnii - for the invention “Spray Boom”, patent no. 3550;

b) in the nomination “Invention of the Year-2010 Created by a Young Inventor”: Iana Zubrilina - for the invention “Process for preparing activated building mixes on base of mineral binder”, patent no. 3318;

c) prizes and mention diplomas: Svetlana Popel, Elena Draganova, Lidia Parsacova, Lidia Demcenco, Dmitrii Draganov - for the invention “Process for producing wheat-rye bread”, patent no. 3551; Elena Molodoi - for the invention “Strain of Saccharomyces carlsbergensis yeast - source of sterols”, patent no. 3538; Nicolae Donica - for the invention “Process for pruning sweet cherry, sour cherry and apricot fruit trees”, short-term patent no. 178.

For each nomination is instituted a cash prize and a mention diploma, granted by AGEPI to inventors.