Seminar on Intellectual Property for Future Journalists, Students of the State University of Moldova


On 4 December this year, the State Agency on Intellectual Property (AGEPI) organized a training seminar entitled “Legal Protection of Intellectual Property”, for second-year students of the Faculty of Journalism and Communication Sciences, State University of Moldova.

The seminar aimed to familiarize students with the national system of protection and use of intellectual property.

According to the program, Andrei Moisei, coordinating specialist, AGEPI Training Division, provided students with information on the importance of knowledge of intellectual property objects, their role and best practices and ways of legal protection thereof. He also spoke to students about the rights of authors and the need to respect these rights, as well as the extent to which these rights enjoy protection. A particular emphasis has been placed on the risks that creative people may face if they disregard the implementation of legal procedures to protect intellectual creations, the conflicts that may arise and the ways of enforcing intellectual property rights.

The training seminar ended with a question and answer session. Finally, students from the Faculty of Journalism and Communication Sciences have shown interest in participating in such events.