Seminar on “Management of Intellectual Property in the European Research Programs”


In order to strengthen the capacity of the current and potential beneficiaries of the European projects on management of various aspects of Intellectual Property (IP ), providing theoretical and practical information by experts in the field, on 4 September this year, Academy of Sciences of Moldova (ASM ), International Projects Centre, jointly with the State Agency on Intellectual Property and the Office for Science and Technology of the Republic of Moldova to the European Union, with the support of IPR Helpdesk Service of the European Commission, organized a seminar on “Management of Intellectual Property in the European Research Programs”. Experts from the IPR Helpdesk intervened in Brussels by a video-conference.

The event was attended by ongoing European project beneficiaries, persons responsible for international relations and technology transfer from the research & development institutions, residents of scientific-technological parks and innovation incubator, national contact points in Horizon 2020.

The seminar took place within the premises of the Academy of Sciences and was opened by the Prime Vice-President of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova Ion Tighineanu. In the seminar were presented challenges to intellectual property within the framework program FP7, including regulatory best practices of IP issues within the FP7 project financing contracts, and the tools available to enhance the outcomes of research programs in the form of IP objects.

In her welcoming speech to the participants in the seminar, Deputy Director General of AGEPI Svetlana Munteanu mentioned about the Agency’s commitment to provide the necessary support for a better exploitation of IP objects by the research institutions. AGEPI representatives informed the participants of the most important elements of the national IP system and also services provided by AGEPI in support of research & development and innovative business sector.

Director of ASM International Project Centre Lidia Romanciuc presented also to the audience the new EU Framework Programme for Research and Development which will run from 2014 for a period of six years: Horizon 2020.

More details about Horizon 2020 can be found by accessing the link: