The scientific - practical Symposium of "Lecturi AGEPI"


On April, 18-19 this year annual scientific - practical Symposium " Lecturi AGEPI " was held in the framework of the events organized on the occasion of the World Intellectual Property Day, which will be marked on April 26. The main purpose of the IXth Symposium was popularization and promotion of intellectual property.

Mr. Shtefan Novac, Director General of AGEPI and Mr.Ion Tighineanu, vice-president of Academy of Sciences addressed to audience and mentioned value of the intellectual property in the economic and social development. The governmental officials of the specialized departments of the Republic of Moldova as well as the visitors from Romanian State Office on Inventions and Trademarks ,Romanian Copywright Office, representatives of the universities and institutes ("Mecagro", Institute of Applied physics of Academy of Science of the Republic of Moldova ) etc participated in that forum. During two days the reports concerning new aspects of the national and international legislation, ways of the resolving of litigations in the intellectual property field, the procedures of the inventions, trade marks, industrial design, the copyright protection, opportunities of using of intellectual property information as well as stimulation of innovative process in the Republic of Moldova have been considered.

The exchange of opinions and experience was especially useful, considering invaluable creative potential of scientists, the ways of its using, value of knowledge in intellectual property field as well as specific character of cooperation between interested parties.