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The quarterly meeting of the representatives in industrial property


AGEPI invites the representatives in industrial property to take part in the quarterly meeting in the framework of which there will be discussed different matters and will be given information on the new laws drafts. The meeting will take place on June 7, 2007 at 15.00 in the conference hall of AGEPI.

The meeting will be open by Dorian Chirosca, Director General of AGEPI. In the agenda will be included previously the following questions:

1. Presentation of the draft of the Law on the protection of industrial designs, geographical indications and guaranteed traditional specific products (reporter – Natalia Mogol), deputy head of the Section trademarks);

2. Interpretation of the term “transliteration” in the procedure of filing application on registration of Trademarks (reporter – Semion Levitchi, deputy director of the Department trademarks and industrial designs).

In the case where the representatives in industrial property wish also to discuss other questions they may contact the following responsible persons: Natalia Stirbu, head section appeals and Svetlana Cernetchi, senior jurist. Tel: 400-564; e-mail: or