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Press Release on the Time Limits related to the Procedures before AGEPI


In the context of the epidemiological situation generated by the infection with COVID-19 on the territory of the Republic of Moldova, we inform that the activity of the State Agency on Intellectual Property of the Republic of Moldova (AGEPI) is not disturbed, the employees of the institution working in a special regime of work. Therefore, applicants for applications for patenting/registration of intellectual property objects that have such an opportunity can take the necessary actions in order to carry out the procedures before AGEPI, including encouraging the use of the online filing system and the payment of services by bank card, in advance or by using the MPay Government Service.

At the same time, taking into account the Ordinance No. 1 of March 18, 2020, of the Commission for Emergency Situations of the Republic of Moldova, we inform that all the time limits related to the procedures in progress before the AGEPI of any kind do not start to run, and if they have started to run, will be suspended during the entire state of emergency established according to the Parliament Decision No. 55/2020. Respectively, the time limits for the procedures in progress before the AGEPI will start to run after the lifting of the state of emergency.

We should mention that the decision was taken by AGEPI both to not expose the applicants of the applications for patenting/ registration of intellectual property objects and its own employees to the risk of infection with COVID-19, as well as understanding that the applicants could face some difficulties in carrying out all the procedures required before AGEPI.