An official publication in the field of copyright and related rights


In the Republic of Moldova is appearing a new publication – The Official Bulletin of Copyright and Related Rights. The Bulletin will offer different information grouped in the sections: “Objects of copyright and related rights registered in the State Register”, “Holders of the control marks”, “Registered research reports”, “Monitor”, “Informative material”.

Section “Objects of copyright and related rights registered in the State Register” comprises information on the of literary, artistic and scientific, musical and audiovisual, applied arts works, integrant and derivative works, phonograms, data bases and computer programs etc., created in the Republic of Moldova or in other countries. The information is selected from the State Register of the Works Protected by the Copyright and Related Rights administered by AGEPI and is referred to the number of the certificate on registration, date of registration, name of the author, name of the holder and title of the work. There are published also data on the certificates cancelled according to different basis from the State Register.

Section “Control marks holders” comprises information selected from the State Register of the holders being physical or legal persons (producers and/or distributors of the copies of works or phonograms). It is published the number of registration of the mark, date of registration and the name of the holder.

Section of the “Registered research reports” comprises data on the reports referred to the projects/programs of research-development realized in the Republic of Moldova in accordance with the national Plan on the researches in the field of science and innovation, registered in AGEPI. There are published the code and denomination of the project/programs with the reference to which the reports responsible institutions, the name of project/programs supervisors, terms of realization.

In the section “Monitor” and “Information Material” there are published official acts, regulations, instructions of the activity, international conventions and treaties, regional and bilateral agreements to which the Republic of Moldova is party, norms and standards in the given field other actual informative material on the copyright and related rights.

You will have opportunity to subscribe for this Bulletin or consult it in the library of AGEPI.