A New Round of Consultations, AGEPI - NA “COPYRIGHT”, on the Challenges Encountered in the Practical Application of the Extended License


On 16.09.2019, during a meeting with the representatives of the Public Association National Association “COPYRIGHT”, the Interim Director General of the State Agency on Intellectual Property Andrei Popa brought up for discussion the subject concerning the right to remuneration of the right holders who do not have the status of a member of the collective management organization and have not entrusted it with any rights in management in any other way, provided they have not withdrawn their rights from the repertoire of the collective management organization.

The purpose of the meeting was to ensure greater transparency of information on how right holders who are not members of a collective management organization can benefit from remuneration for using their creations. In this regard, several actions to be taken in order to improve the mechanism of payment of remuneration to the right holders who are not members of the collective management organizations, as well as effective methods of informing the right holders concerned have been agreed.

It should be mentioned that the prerogative of AGEPI is to ensure that the collective management organizations collect the remuneration, distribute it after the real use and pay it to the right holders.