New possibilities of the commercialization of the intellectual property objects


In the Republic of Moldova started implementation of the STCU Program (Scientific-Technological Center of Ukraine) related with the training of the specialists responsible for commercialization of the scientific realizations, the program was initiated in Ukraine, Georgia and Azerbaijan. In this context in ASM there was organized a round table with the title “The technological transfer in the new independent states by the international cooperation. Commercialization of the intellectual property: new possibilities”. In this event took part representatives of STCU, Academy of Sciences of Moldova, Agency on Innovation and Technologic transfer, Scientific-technological Park “Academica”, Business-Incubator “Inovatorul”, AGEPI, institutions responsible for innovations and technologic transfer.

On the reunion there were tackled problems on the development of the science, solution of which shall provide the continuous progress in all the fields of activity and create the favourable conditions in order to adhere to the norms and principles of European integration. Participants examined in details aspects of the research results successful commercialization, examples meriting attention, specificity of the countries, intellectual property protection, attraction of the investments, elaboration of the business plans, role of the competition, efficient distribution of the intellectual and financial resources, possibilities offered by the STCU and European Unity.

In the same order in the current December it will be organized a training for 15 days for the persons responsible of the innovation process and technological transfer of the research institutions and organizations.