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A New Free Service Provided By AGEPI


In order to provide consultative assistance to applicants who file applications for the registration of geographical indications (GIs), appellations of origin (DO), traditional specialties guaranteed (TSG), and considering the complexity of these procedures for the applicant, the State Agency on Intellectual Property (AGEPI) implemented the procedure for prior checking of the above-mentioned registration application forms and the respective single documents.

This procedure is free of charge as a consultation and does not replace the official filing of an application for the registration of a GI, an AO or a TSG (hereinafter - Application). This information can be sent to the e-mail address

For the registration of GI, AO, TSG, after requesting the new consultancy service or without its request, the application completed on a standard form approved by AGEPI shall be filed:

  • directly (by the applicant or his representative);
  • by mail;
  • by fax or e-mail, provided that the original of the application is submitted within one month;
  • through the electronic service for online filing of applications:

The filing date of the application shall be the date on which the applicant submits to the AGEPI an application complied with Article 16 of Law No. 66/2008 on the Protection of Geographical Indications, Appellations of Origin and Traditional Specialties Guaranteed.