It was signed the Bilateral Cooperation Agreement between AGEPI and Competition Council


On June 27 this year, Lilia Bolocan, Director General of the State Agency on Intellectual Property and Viorica Carare, President of the Competition Council of the Republic of Moldova signed a Cooperation Agreement.The Agreement was signed during the bilateral meeting of the AGEPI leadership with the President of the Competition Council and members of the Competition Council Plenum.The signing of the Agreement by the two parties will contribute to strengthening and improving the cooperation relations between these two institutions in order to ensure the implementation and observance of national legislation in the fields of activity of the institutions.At the same time, the document signed provides for the cooperation between the Competition Council and AGEPI in the process of carrying out market studies and analyses, in order to more accurately know the markets in areas of common interest; in the effective enforcement of competition law; to prevent and discourage anti-competitive practices which have the object or the effect of restricting, preventing or distorting competition; mutual consultations on current issues arising in connection with the enforcement of the legislation in the fields of competence of the two parties, etc.Leaders of both institutions expressed their belief that the signing of the Cooperation Agreement will help coordinate efforts to strengthen the national system of protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights, to prevent and deter anticompetitive practices, including in the field of intellectual property.