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It was Published the Seventh Edition of the Report “Global Innovation Index 2014”


World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) informs about publishing the seventh edition of the report “Global Innovation Index 2014” (GII). The report was released by WIPO jointly with INSEAD, the renowned Business School for the World and American Cornell University.

GII theme this year is “The Human Factor in Innovation” – exploring the human capital in the innovation process and underlining the growing interest of small and medium-sized enterprises and governments in identifying creative people.

The index has evolved into a valuable tool designed to facilitate public-private dialogue. The Global Innovation Index 2014 surveyed 143 economies around the world, using 81 indicators including: human capital and research, infrastructure, loans, investments, interconnections, innovation and creative activity results, etc.

According to the Global Innovation Index 2014, Switzerland remains the leader for the fourth consecutive year, followed by Great Britain, Sweden, Finland, Netherlands, USA, Singapore, Denmark, Luxembourg, Hong Kong (China).

Moldova ranked 43 of 143 countries in the Global Innovation Index rankings. Our country gained 40.74 points out of 100 possible. Thus, RM has climbed two positions compared to the previous year (45). This position occupied by our country is mostly due to performances recorded to chapters “Knowledge Creation” and “Intangible Assets”, which include IP objects, where were recorded the highest results. They demonstrate that the National Intellectual Property Office – AGEPI – is effective, and IP legislation is in accordance with international and European principles and standards.

The group of countries rapidly improving their innovation capacity consists of 12 low-, high- and middle-income countries, Moldova ranking first, followed by China, Mongolia, Vietnam, India, Armenia, Ukraine, Georgia, etc. The 12 countries have recorded performances because of improved institutional frameworks, infrastructures, business environment, etc. (page 23)

This year's report is optimistic, showing that despite the global economic crisis, the research and innovation field has recorded remarkable progress. Thus, a better understanding and appreciation of local innovation dynamics can help identify new sources of growth of the national economy, which simultaneously can lead to the creation of new jobs.

In the Global Innovation Index ranking Russian Federation ranked 49, Romania 55 and Ukraine 63.

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