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It is announced a competition on carrying out a vacancy in the frame of EAPO


In order to form a contingent of the professional collaborators and to provide a free access of the persons from the states-members of the organization to the activity in the frame of EAPO, it is announced a competition on carrying out the vacant functions of an expert in the Section of the Formal Examination and an expert in the Section Physics and Electric Engineering of the Examination Department.

In the competition is entitled to take part persons knowing well the Russian - the official language of the Eurasian Patent Office and English, having a high professional level and experience of no less than 3 years in the given field. The collaborators of EAPO not being residents of the state where is situated the institution are entitled to receive an additional raise of 20 % to the rate to refund the expenses for the rent.

The documents will be received up to February 1, 2007. The date of enter in function - March 15, 2007.