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Inventors and Rationalizers Day


During last 10 years, at the end of June, the significant professional holiday - Inventors and Rationalizers Day, approved in 1995 by the decree of the President of the Republic of Moldova is marked in our country. On the occasion of that event the various actions were held that confirms value and the importance of intellectual property for the Republic of Moldova. By established tradition, the celebration of the Inventors and Rationalizers Day in this year has been jointly organized by the State Agency on Intellectual Property and the Union of Inventors and Rationalizers "Inovatorul". The program included seminars and round tables (in Chisinau, Orhei and Balti) at the enterprises, in R&D institutes devoted to actual aspects of creation, patenting and use of the inventions. The advertising materials "Welcome into AGEPI ", "INFOINVENT", as well as the IV th volume of the book " Inventors and researchers of the Republic of Moldova" are edited on paper and CD-ROM which embraces all 4 volumes of that encyclopedia. The results of activity on patenting/registration are summarized as well as the achievements of Moldavian inventors of the Republic of Moldova which participated in the international exhibitions during the period since June 2004 till June 2005 are marked.

On June 23, this year, in the ceremonial meeting which was held in the headquarter of Confederation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Moldova where the known scientists, inventors and rationalizers, collaborators of the Academy of Sciences and universities, representatives of the central authorities, namely the deputy minister of Economy and Trade Mr. Vasile Mamaliga, vice-president of Academy of Sciences of Moldova Mr. Ion Tighineanu, President of Federation of Trade Unions Mr. Petru Chiriac, general director of AGEPI, Mr. Shtefan Novac, the deputy director of National Institute of Grapes and Wine, Mr. Nicolae Taran and other persons took part in that event.

Mr.Nicanor Solcan, chairman of Republican Council of the Union of Inventors and Rationalizers reported about achieved successes. In compliance with his report 783 inventors and rationalizers of country used 292 innovations, including 211 inventions. Majority of inventions was used in the field of medicine and winemaking .Among the organizations and the enterprises which used inventions are the Scientific Research Institute of Corn and Sorghum, Moldovahydromash, Water Canal Chisinau as well as the Glass Container Company.

Sincere congratulations and wishes to all who contributes to inventive and innovative activity expressed Mr. Ion Tighineanu, vice-president of Academy of Sciences of Moldova, Mr. Vasile Mamaliga, Deputy Minister of Economics and Trade etc.

Mr. Ion Tighineanu emphasized value of scientific researches for the countries around the world and a choice of the Republic of Moldova on the way of the innovative development that was confirmed in the Code on the Science and Innovation . Vice-president АН of Moldova mentioned contribution of AGEPI to the integration of the Republic of Moldova into European and international intellectual property system. Interconnections between various structures which are necessary for development of numerous achievements in the innovative area should be provided by the Association on Innovations and Transfer of Technologies of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova.

Mr. V. Mamaliga, Deputy minister emphasized necessity of creation of the infrastructure destined for use of a mental potential of scientists and inventors involved in the programs of conversion, application of innovations and technologies of a former military-industrial establishment into real sector of the industry.

Mr. Petru Chiriac congratulated inventors on behalf of Federation of Trade Unions of Moldova and mentioned necessity of diminution of brain drain from the Republic of Moldova and recognition of a role of inventors and engineers under through theirs true contribution to progress of the country.

The most active inventors and rationalizers in 2004-2005 have been awarded diplomas and premiums of AGEPI and the Union of Inventors and Rationalizers "Inovatorul".

The significant moment of celebrating was delivery of the prestigious awards won by inventors of the Republic of Moldova in the International Salon of Environmental Protection Inventions "ECOINVENT-2005" in Iassy ( Romania) and the Invention/New Product Exposition "INPEX-2005" in Pittsburgh (USA).

It is necessary to note that celebration of the Inventors and the Rationalizers Day in this year became an occasion for promotion of scientific and technical achievements, promotion of innovative activity, comprehension of a role of innovative products and technologies as unique means for achievement of favorable position in the market, and also a qualitative leap in the activity of small and medium-sized enterprises.

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