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The International Symposium "Technology transfer in the field of electronic engineering, multipurpose materials and fine mechanics "


The international scientific symposium took place on September this year in the main conference hall of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova on the topic "Technology transfer in the field of electronic engineering, multipurpose materials and fine mechanics ". It was organized by the Academy of Sciences of Moldova, the Agency on Innovations and the Transfer of Technologies АНМ, Moldovan Research and Development Association  (MRDA), US Fund of Civil Researches and Development  (CRDF), the State Agency on Intellectual Property (AGEPI), Technical University of Moldova, as well as  research laboratory of US Army (European office of researches)

The symposium was carried out in the series of the actions planned in this year and was devoted to problems of technology transfer in various branches of national economy. 

Mr. G. DUCA, president.of Academy of  Sciences of Moldova welcomed the participants of the scientific forum and reported the results and achievements in the  technology transfer in theRepublic Moldova.

 According to the program reported Mr. S. NOVAC, Director General of  AGEPI (Inventive  activity in the electronics in 1993-2005), Mr. G. STIRBU, chief of Department of the Ministry of the Industry and the Infrastructure  (Role of high technologies in electronic industry), academician. V. CANTER, the coordinator of the Department of Technical and Engineering Sciences (Engineering and electronic technologies in economic development of the Republic of Moldova: actuality and prospects), prof.., Vice-president  of Academy of Sciences of Moldova I. TIGINIANU (Activity of  research institutes in the field of the multipurpose materials), doctor L. ROMANCIUK, executive director of Moldovan Research and Decvelopment Association  (MRDA) (Programs of grants MRDA), academician D.GITU, director of the Specialized Engineering and Design Bureau in the field of solid state electronics within Academy of  Sciences of Moldova Millimetric electromagnetic athermic waves - fundamental scientific and practical problems) and others.

Foreign specialists shared the experience of  technology transfer in the home countries. Mr. Hans FALT, the president of the Center of the Competitive Programs (Sweden)  told about activity of that institution and  answered on questions.

The reports of Mr. Mark SUSKIN, director of National Scientific Fund, the European Office (Paris, France) and Mr. Jury ALFYOROV, the expert of the Technological Transfer Network (Russia) were caused significant interest as well.