The International Conference “Actual matters of the Intellectual Property Economy”


On November 22-23, 2007 will start the VI-th International Conference “Actual matters of the Intellectual Property Economy” with the title: “The Economic Development based on the knowledge”. The organizers of the Conference are: State Agency on Intellectual Property, National Agency on the Competition protection, Institute of Economy, Finances and Statistics.

In the Conference will take part scientists and practitioners of the different ministries and departments, research-development and high education institutions among which: Ministry of Education and Youth, Ministry of the Informational Development, Agency on the Innovation and Technological Transfer, ASEM, USM, USMF, ULIM, Institute of the scientific researches on maize and sorghum, Academy of the public Administration as well as guest invited from Romania and Kirghizstan.

The economy based on the knowledge, creativity and innovation are the main factors determining the successive activity of any structures both in the scientific field and in the business undertaking one. Today the innovations determine the economical rise in the developed countries in the ratio of nearly 70%.

There will be represented following works:

  • The role if the intellectual property and of the knowledge in the economy development;
  • Implementation of the innovations and the technologic transfer;
  • Modalities of the intellectual property administration and the fight against the counterfeit and piracy;
  • Stimulating the innovation activity.

The reporters will tackle the matter related to elaboration, protection and implementation of the inventions, the role of the investments in the research-innovation, innovation and the technologic transfer in RM, advantages and risks connected with financing the companies by means of the capital market, fight with the unfair competition in RM, the phenomenon of the counterfeit and piracy etc.

During the second day of the Conference there will be held a round table in the frame of which there will be represented the National Strategy in the field of innovation on 2008-2011 (draft).

The documents of the Conference will be published in the special edition “Actual Matters of the Intellectual Property Economy”.