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Intellectual Property Week for Managers of IP Offices


In the period of July 11-14 this year, in Munich, Germany, was conducted the “Intellectual Property Week for Managers of IP Offices”. The event was organized by the European Patent Office (EPO) in cooperation with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) and convened managers and specialists from 38 IP offices of the EPO Member States and partner states.

The seminar was opened by the Vice-President of the EPO, Raimund Lutz, who, as the host of the event, encouraged participants to contribute to the smooth conduct of the intellectual property week through active participation and exchange of ideas and experience. EU Intellectual Property Office was represented by Hugues M.Bello, Director of EUIPO Academy.

During the seminar, the participants discussed about the development of communication policies and strategies of the business-oriented IP offices, increase in the efficiency and effectiveness of the offices’ activity, support of national development objectives, implementation of the creative and intellectual potential, thereby contributing to the economic, cultural and social development of countries.

Another topic of interest was that relating to the services provided by the EPO and EUIPO and other national IP offices in the context of programs on the efficiency and manufacturability of the procedures of examination and grant of protection for IP objects. There were presented in particular the reforms implemented by the EPO and EUIPO aimed at streamlining the time limits in the patenting/registration procedures.

A forte element of the event was the involvement in discussions of private sector representatives with expertise in the provision of IP services or of large companies - holders of valuable IP portfolios, such as representatives of Henkel AG@Co KGaA, Robert Bosch GmbH or Bristol-Mayer Squibb.

On the third day of the seminar were presented most national initiatives for training and development in the field of IP, platforms of cooperation of IP offices with international and regional organizations in the field, involvement of central and local authorities and private sector partners in developing and implementing training and information programs and campaigns in the field of IP. Of particular interest was the experience of the IP Office from Great Britain, which presented a wide range of tools developed by the Office in support of research/innovation institutions and business.

The presence in the event of the representative of the EU Observatory on Intellectual Property allowed of familiarizing the participants with the new tools to counter piracy and counterfeiting at the Community level and also with the partnerships established by the Observatory with relevant institutions from the EU Member States and third countries.

The last day of the seminar was devoted to issues related to the quality of the programs implemented in this respect by the EPO and EUIPO. The strategic development priorities of both offices is raising the quality of IP services provided not only in the EPO and EUIPO and also support of quality programs implemented by national IP offices.

Besides participating in the intellectual property week, AGEPI delegation had a series of bilateral meetings with representatives of EPO, EUIPO and other institutions.

So on Tuesday, July 12, AGEPI Director General, Octavian Apostol, had an important meeting with the Vice-President of the EPO, Raimund Lutz, in which was discussed the current stage of cooperation between the two offices and signed the AGEPI-EPO Joint Action Program for the years 2016-2017. The document comes to complement and contribute to the implementation of the Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Moldova and the EPO on Validation of European Patents, entered into force on November 1, 2015. Raimund Lutz assured that the EPO will make every effort to support our country in promoting the patent validation system among the European patent system users and potential investors.

Also in the bilateral meeting, they also discussed about the economic and social-political situation in the Republic of Moldova, noting the progress made by the Republic of Moldova in building a modern system of protection of intellectual property rights.

The event was attended by the Director for International Cooperation, Nicolas Morey, who showed confidence that Moldova will benefit from the implementation of the validation system, becoming part of a common area of ​​validation of European patents that includes 38 EPO member states and 4 non-member states under extension or validation relationship with EPO.

Finally, parties mutually assured themselves of full openness for the continuation and deepening of relations in bilateral and multilateral context and agreed on priority directions of cooperation.

Validation of European patents and Moldova’s openness to foreign investment was the main topic of discussion during the meeting of AGEPI delegation with the President of the European Patent Institute (EPI), Tony Tangena. EPI is a professional association of European patent attorneys and Tony Tangen leads this organization since 2011. With an experience of over 30 years in the field, Tony Tangena is one of the most successful patent attorneys and willingness to support, including by means of the EPI, the Republic of Moldova on its European path through the dissemination of information on the validation system of the country, establishment of a Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area between Moldova and the EU and investment opportunities offered by our country in the context of the Association Agreement, is an important achievement of the meeting in Munich.

During the meeting with the EUIPO Academy Director, Hugues M.Bello, AGEPI Director General, Octavian Apostol, wanted to reiterate the Community Office the interest that Moldova manifests in programs and reform agenda implemented by EUIPO. After an exchange of views on the way of cooperation between EUIPO and AGEPI in the field of training and preparation of the national staff in the competence of the EUIPO Academy, Hugues M.Bello showed readiness to expand cooperation with Moldova and to continue the discussions on the implementation of joint programs in a meeting at the EUIPO headquarters in Alicante, Spain.

AGEPI Director General, Octavian Apostol, had a number of bilateral discussions on topics of mutual interest and with the delegations of Lithuania, Morocco, Republic of Korea, Romania etc. present at the intellectual property week.