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Information Notice - Public Consultation: EU Geographical Indications


In order to enforce the Decision of the Government of the Republic of Moldova No. 307 of 04.23.2010, to conclude the Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Moldova and the European Union on protection of geographical indications for agricultural and food products, the public consultations on the Lists of EU's geographical indications proposed for protection in the Republic of Moldova, published on 20 August 2010 in the special edition “Geographical Indications” of the Official Bulletin of Industrial Property (BOPI).

Within two months following the date of publication, any person who has a legitimate interest may object to any such protection, by filing a reasoned statement with the AGEPI. Filing of oppositions against the grant of protection for geographical indications, published in the special edition, is not subject to duties or formal conditions.

The special edition “Geographical Indications” of BOPI can be consulted free of charge at the AGEPI – in the reading room of the Library of the Intellectual Property Information Retrieval Center of AGEPI