Grants for the better innovational project


With the purpose to create favorable conditions for creation of partnership and attraction of the investments in the economy of the Republic of Moldova, on October 26 will take place the II-nd Conference “Partnership in the Science and Business”.

Organizers thereof are: the Association of the Research and Development of Moldova (MRDA), the partner of the USA Foundation for the Civil Researches and Development (CRDF), the Academy of Sciences of Moldova (ASM) and the State Agency on Intellectual Property of RM (AGEPI).

The task of this Conference consists in selection on the base of a competition of the most successful common projects made by the scientists in cooperation with businessmen of Moldova in order to be financed in the frame of the Program of Grants STEP. Between the participants will be the representatives of the Counsel of Inventors and Rationalizers of Moldova, Institute of Energetic, Institute of Applied Physics, State University of Moldova, Technical University of Moldova, Unity of the Associates of Nut Producers of Moldova etc.

The Conference will take place in the Academy of Sciences of Moldova, floor 1, blue hall, Kishneu, bd. Stefan cel Mare 1. The registration will begin at 8 :00.

The agenda is annexed to the invitation.