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The Future of the National Science, in sight of the European Commission


On 12 July this year, at the Academy of Sciences of Moldova, was held the public presentation of the Final Report on Analysis and Evaluation of the Current Research-Development-Innovation System in our country. The Report was drafted following the European exercise by an independent panel of experts.

The report presentation event was attended by the ASM members, decision makers in the field of science, representatives of the ministries, persons responsible for science from universities, representatives of the diplomatic missions accredited in Moldova, of the business community, civil society, the EU mission, scientific researchers, etc.

In his inaugural address, ASM President, Acad. Gheorghe Duca, thanked the experts for their involvement and effort in developing the Report.

“Cooperation in research and development is also an important aspect of the cooperation between the Republic of Moldova and the EU, research being included in the Association Agreement”, said the Head of Economics and Policy Division, Acting Head of the EU Delegation, Wicher Slagter. The European official said that establishing links in research and technological development is one of the bridges that help Moldova to better integrate into the EU, through this cooperation research having also the role to strengthen.

The official representative of the Directorate-General for Research & Innovation, European Commission, Román Arjona, congratulated Moldova for the courage shown in starting this exercise. Delegation member reiterated that the EU will also provide the necessary support in the implementation phase, if requested, stressing also that Moldova has a historic opportunity for our country to benefit to the maximum from the reforms resulting from this exercise.

The main report was presented by Dr. Krzysztof Gulda, head of the panel of international experts, adviser in science and education to the Government of Poland, who presented the findings of the study on research and innovation system of the Republic of Moldova. The speaker highlighted the basic steps in this specific process, which included gathering information, statistical data, previous evaluation reports, strategies and meetings with entities interested in or with tangents to research.

At the same time, experts have come with a set of recommendations and proposals to improve science functionality and integration into the economic circuit. The Report also contains seven strategic proposals for amending the policies pursued by the Government and 24 operational recommendations to reform the system. European experts consider necessary to eliminate barriers and establish incentives for business participation in research and innovation and exploitation of scientific potential of the Diaspora, motivating young talents to develop a scientific career.

Please note that the panel of experts of the European Commission, under the Horizon 2020 Policy Support Facility Program, have examined in the period November 2015 – April 2016, the current operation and organization of the research and innovation system of the Republic of Moldova and proposed a roadmap for developing and implementing reforms to increase investment in research and innovation, improving policies and administering the national system. The panel of experts is formed of specialists from Poland, Greece, Austria, Romania and the Netherlands.

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