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Formation of the stuff in the field of IP


On the basis of the license, issued by the Chamber of Licensing of the Republic of Moldova AGEPI organizes periodically training courses for the stuff in the field of intellectual property protection (IPP) and in the field of intellectual property valuation (IPV).

During 11 weeks there are studied Intellectual property objects, procedure of examination and registration thereof, mode of the IPO legal protection etc. The disciplines are teaching by the skilled specialists acting in the frame of the Sate Agency on Intellectual Property. The training is carried out in Romanian and in Russian in basis of the contract concluded between AGEPI and the applicant provided paying the prescribed fee. The registration is carried out permanently, the training starts after completing the group. Lections take place 3 times in the week, from13.00 up to16.00.

The courses finalize with a test, the graduates receive a professional skill of “Counselor in intellectual property”, confirmed by a certificate approved by the Ministry of Education and Youth of RM. The certificates holders may act in the enterprises, organizations and institutions of the Republic of Moldova, providing the interaction between AGEPI and the authors, applicants, IPO titles holders.

From 1998 up to today about 200 persons graduated the courses.

Contact phones: 400-593, 400-635.