Festive Meeting Devoted to the Twentieth Anniversary from the Foundation of AGEPI


On 8 September this year, we celebrated 20 years since the creation of the State Agency on Intellectual Property of the Republic of Moldova. On this occasion, in the Great Hall of the Republic Palace took place a festive meeting devoted to the AGEPI Anniversary. The meeting was chaired by Ms. Lilia Bolocan, Director General of AGEPI, who made a review of the Agency's achievements during the 20 years of activity, entitled “AGEPI Contribution to the Development of the National Intellectual Property System: 20 Years of Activity”.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the Parliament and the Government of the Republic of Moldova, central public authorities, institutions in the sphere of science, innovation and higher education of the republic, institutions and organizations whose work touches the field of IP, patent attorneys, representatives of creative unions, associations for collective management of copyright of the country, other partner institutions, veterans of the system.

Guests from abroad were represented at the meeting by representatives of national intellectual property offices from abroad, namely Mr. Syrym Erkinovich BEKENOV, Director of the National Institute of Intellectual Property of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Mr. Alexandru Cristian STRENC, Deputy Director General of the State Office for Inventions and Trademarks of Romania, Mr. Keld Nymann JENSEN, Deputy Director General of the Office for Patents and Trademarks of Denmark, Ms. Marina Viktorovna KRYUKOVA, Head of International Relations Department of the Eurasian Patent Office.

The meeting was attended by Chinese Ambassador, representatives of Bulgaria and Czech embassies accredited in Chisinau.

Words of congratulations to the AGEPI team addressed Ms. Liliana Palihovici, Vice-Chairman of Parliament, Mr. Ion TIGHINEANU, j.r., Vice-Chairman of ASM, Mr. Valeriu Canter, President of the National Council for Accreditation and Attestation, Mr. Viorel PRISACARU, Pro-Rector of SUMP “N. Testemitanu”, Mr. Valeriu DOROGAN, Pro-Rector of TUM, Mr. Mihail REVENCO, Pro-Rector of SUM.

Speakers noted the role of intellectual property in developing a modern society, based on knowledge, and that the twentieth anniversary of AGEPI is a good opportunity to evoke the Agency’s contribution to the creation, development and affirmation in the Republic of Moldova of an intellectual property protection system comparable to similar systems of countries with considerable traditions in the field.

AGEPI also received congratulations from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Moldova, State Commission for Variety Testing, National Association of People of Culture and Science of Moldova, INDEPRIN LTD, present at the festive meeting.

Letters of congratulations on the occasion of the anniversary came to the address of AGEPI from the specialized offices of Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic, Turkey, Georgia, Belarus and the Russian Federation.

Ms. Lilia Bolocan, Director General of AGEPI, presented diplomas of excellence and anniversary medals “AGEPI 20 years” to some personalities and institutions in the country and abroad who contributed to the development and strengthening of IP system of the Republic of Moldova.

The intellectual property system is very dynamic and is characterized by a remarkable capacity to evolve and adapt to new social and economic conditions. Current technological performance, particularly in the information technology and biotechnology, and changes in the society itself, require a constant re-evaluation of the system.

In accordance with its mission, AGEPI will continue to promote policies in the field of intellectual property and make more efficient the system of protection of intellectual property rights to encourage technological progress, stimulate creativity and contribute to economic, social and cultural development of the Republic of Moldova.

There follows a series of photo images from the festive meeting devoted to the Twentieth Anniversary of AGEPI.

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