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Event: Intellectual Property as Understood by Young People


Want to know more about intellectual property rights? Participate in an information session where you will be able to discover and understand terms such as “Trademark”, “Patent”, “Copyright”, “Industrial Design” and many more.

On August 26, at 15:00, the Pro Bono Information and Resources Center, in partnership with the State Agency on Intellectual Property (AGEPI), the platform, invites you to an online discussion, where various topics related to the right to intellectual property will be practically addressed.

Often, the infringement of intellectual property rights is done unintentionally, due to the lack of basic knowledge in the field of IP and the victim can be any of us.

How to protect yourself from intellectual theft and also how to respect the rights of others, what are the consequences of counterfeiting and piracy and why they should be countered, are just some of the topics addressed during the event.

It will also aim at the process of protection, enforcement and use of intellectual property, giving young people the opportunity to gain new knowledge and train their skills for the proper management of intellectual assets. At the same time, the discussion aims to improve the civic and legal culture necessary for any young person in the field of intellectual property protection.

The information session will take place online on the ZOOM platform.

If you are interested in finding out what intellectual property is in practice, what its role is in everyday life and what you need to know for it to be useful to you, we encourage you to register for the August 26 event by completing this form:

We look forward to seeing you at the event!