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Contest “The invention of the Year”


State Agency on Intellectual Property of the Republic of Moldova (AGEPI) announces the scientific and innovative community of the Republic about the launch of the V competition “INVENTION -2008”.

The purpose of this competition is to popularize and support of innovative activity in our country, encouraging holders of titles of protection for inventions and utility models in the application in production of results of intellectual elaborations and national investors getting involved in the recovery of the process of innovation in the sphere of technical-scientific.

In the competition will be accepted inventions disclosed in patents and utility models, certificates issued by AGEPI or foreign IP offices during the last 3 years and having a positive impact on the national economic development, solving problems related to needs of current life, technology, transport, chemistry, food, textile, mechanics, electricity, physics and other fields.

Priority will be given to inventions and utility models whose recovery in production has resulted in tangible economic effects.

Conditions of the competition are stipulated in the Rules on organization and carrying out the Competition “Invention of the Year”.

Within the competition will take place the following nominations:

  • “The invention of the year”;
  • “Invention of the year created by a young inventor”;
  • “Utility model of the Year”

Applications shall be submitted to the Competition Organizing Committee up to May 11, 2009.

To the winners will be handed their diplomas and prizes of AGEPI.

Results of the contest and awarding the winners will take place on the Inventor and Rationalizer Day (June 26).

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