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Competition “INVENTION OF THE YEAR-2009”


The Organizing Committee of the Competition “INVENTION OF THE YEAR – 2009” draws attention of the scientific and innovative community representatives on the fact that on May 17, 2010, expires the term for submission of requests to participate in the sixth edition of the nominated contest.

The purpose of this competition is to popularize and support the innovational activity in our country, encourage holders of titles of protection for inventions and utility models regarding the applicability of the results of intellectual developments and involvement of national investors in the use of innovations in scientific and technical sphere.

At the competition will be accepted inventions disclosed in patents issued by AGEPI or foreign IP offices during the last three years and which have a positive impact on the national economic development, solution of problems related to the current necessities of life, technology, transport, chemistry, food industry, textiles, mechanics, electricity, physics and other fields.

The balance sheet of the contest and rewarding of winners will be held on the Inventor’s and Rationalizer’s Day (June 25).

Those interested can get further information at tel.: 400-553, 400-591