Commercialization of inventions – in the center of attention of AGEPI and STCU


On current October 20 the delegation of the Scientific-Technological Center of Ukraine (Scientific and Technology Center of Ukraine – STCU)* the membership of which consisted of Victor Korsun, the Executive vice-director of the Center (USA), Oleg Zabolotnii, Coordinator in the field of patents, Peter Melnic-Melnicov (Philadelphia), manager of the Program of cooperation with the non-governmental organizations, Tatiana Ilyash, specialist in the stable development, accompanied by Alfreda Rosca, coordinator of the Program in the Republic of Moldova, arrived with a familiarization visit in AGEPI. In the frame of the meetings with the administration of AGEPI there were discussed matters related with implementation and commercialization of inventions and the scientific elaborations.

During the meetings there took place a change of information and opinions referred to the normative-legislative base in the IP field valid in the Republic of Moldova, Ukraine and other countries of the CIS space, implementation and commercialization of inventions, as well as the best practice of utilization of inventions both in the states included in STCU, and in the world (USA, EU etc. experience). Ion Daniliuc, vice-director general AGEPI told about new provisions of the national legislation in the field of patent protection of the inventions, being in force from September 6, 2008 (Law No. 50-XVI of March 7, 2008 on protection of inventions, harmonized with communitary acquis in the present field).

Moreover, in the frame of the meeting it was underlined the importance of the technologic parcs “Academica” and “Inovatorul” created under ASM in order to facilitate the process of implementation of the scientific elaborations as the modern instruments of integration of the science and business.

The participants of the discussion mentioned that in order to provide a positive result of the adjoining process “the scientific research-implementation of the elaborations”, it is necessary and very important to carry out the training of specialists responsible for the selection of the partners promoting in the market the implementation of the scientific results and inventions, namely those obtained in the result of the research programs, financed from the state budget, as well as creation or revalidation of the centers of technologic transfer in the frame of scientific institutions and universities.

The parties agreed on organization in Chisinau in current December of a training in the field of commercialization of scientific elaborations and inventions the main scope of have the cultivation of the managerial and economic abilities in the mentioned field. The program of this training will comprise both the theory and the practice with reference to all the stages following from the elaboration up to the implementation of the invention, or transmission of an exclusive right on this elaboration. In the frame of the program a specialist of each research and high education institution of the republic which will be in future responsible for the mentioned field.

The first step in this direction was made by the current reunion under the main title “Commercialization of the scientific elaborations: programs and initiatives of the Scientific-Technological Center of Ukraine”.

* Scientific-Technological Center of Ukraine (STCU) is an intergovernmental organization created with the scope to prevent the development of the researches in the field of elaboration of weapons of mass destruction.
Beginning of 1993 the private companies and governmental agents of EU, USA and Canada collaborated with STCU in order to administer more than 1000 research-development projects with financing about $ 160 millions. The scope of STCU consists in sustaining the research-development activity of the scientists and engineers of Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Georgia and Moldova. In the non-military fields that anterior were involved in elaboration of weapons of mass destruction and means of distribution as a part of the general process of conversion to the civil development, oriented to the market.
On December 18, 2003 the Republic of Moldova adhered to the Agreement on constitution of the Scientific-Technological Center of Ukraine, concluded in Kiev on October 25, 1993 (Law of the Republic of Moldova No. 531-XV on the Agreement on constitution of the Scientific-Technological Center of Ukraine). The authority responsible for the co-ordination of the activity related with implementation of the provisions of the mentioned agreement in the Republic of Moldova is the Supreme Council on the Science and Technological Development.
The additional information on the activity of the Agreement on constitution of the Scientific-Technological Center of Ukraine can be accessed on the address: