Collaboration between AGEPI and BCC Regarding the Enforcement of Copyright and Related Rights in the Audiovisual Media


On 29 February this year, within the framework of a press conference, Dr. Lilia BOLOCAN, Director General of the State Agency on Intellectual Property (AGEPI), and Marian POCAZNOI, President of the Broadcasting Coordinating Council (BCC), have signed a joint plan of measures for 2012 on the enforcement of copyright and related rights in the audiovisual media of the Republic of Moldova.

The plan provides for the exchange of information and experience between the two institutions, drafting of legislation on the effective protection of copyright and related rights in the Republic of Moldova, implementation of certain provisions of the information agreements, to which our country is party, joint actions to identify and sanction broadcasters for dissemination of works or objects of related rights in the absence of copyright contracts with domestic and foreign right holders and licensing agreements developed by the collective management organizations, collaboration with the view of creating a system for identifying and monitoring the holders of rights in works broadcasted by the broadcasters on the basis of contracts submitted to the BCC, training and upgrading of people involved in the system of protection and defense of intellectual property rights in the field of broadcasting, creation of television broadcasts that will be aimed at public opinion awareness in shaping a negative attitude in terms of piracy and counterfeiting of intellectual property rights.

The heads of the institutions concerned have responded to several questions of journalists.