Celebration of the World Intellectual Property-2009


Dear friends,

In the honour of the World Intellectual Property Day -2009, I will convey your congratulations, all those working today in the field of art, literature, music, technical creation, protection and the utilization of intellectual property!

This holiday, established by WIPO in 2001, reflects the cardinal role of intellectual property for both the national economy, and for each member the society. Capitalizing the intellectual assets, efficient use of tools offered by national intellectual property system is a primordial condition of our economic success. Intangible assets - from human resources and know-how, inventions, trademarks, appellations of origin, industrial design and other technical products to the creation of literary and artistic works - these days are often more valuable than material assets. Industrial application of intellectual property by creating new innovative products by identifying and implementing modern methods, more profitable, manufacturing of traditional products, by expanding markets and strengthening good reputation among consumers is a vital factor of our advancement to a modern and prosperous economy.

On this day of celebration, I wish all scientists, inventors, innovators, writers, artists, musicians, performers, in a word, all those endowed with the gift of Creation, and business people from Moldova to make the most of possibilities offered by industrial property system, to forge new works of value, to convert their creative resources into economic assets capable of generating material assets and contribute to building a safer future for all citizens. Also, we mention once again that intellectual property rights benefits not only to authors and inventors, but also to the society in general. Creativity is an infinite resource of all peoples, including our people and. I urge you, therefore, to develop this creative potential, to defend him and it turned to value!

Dorian Chirosca,
Director General AGEPI

April 24, 2009