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April 26 - World Intellectual Property Day


Dear Friends!

On the occasion of


I address sincere congratulations to all those working in areas directly or indirectly relating to the creation, protection and exploitation of intellectual property!

Established by WIPO in 2001, this holiday reflects the cardinal role of intellectual property for both national economy and daily life of each member of society.

Development of intellectual property area is a desideratum of modern society. Exploitation of intellectual assets, effective use of the tools provided by the national intellectual property system is a prerequisite for success in business. Today, intangible assets – from human resources and know-how, inventions, trademarks, geographical indications, appellations of origin, industrial design and other products of technical creation to literary and artistic works, – are often more valuable than tangible assets. Industrial application of intellectual property by creating new innovative products, by identifying and implementing new, more efficient and profitable methods of manufacturing traditional products, by extending the market segment occupied and strengthening the good reputation among consumers is the vital factor of our progress towards a modern and prosperous economy.

The theme of this year’s celebration is “Creativity - The Next Generation”, so we are encouraged and have the noble duty to encourage and help young people to fully express creativity, to contribute with the whole society to create a future of innovation and progress.

In this day of celebration, I wish all scientists, inventors, innovators, writers, plastic artists, musicians, performers, in a word, all those endowed with the gift for Creation, and Moldovan businessmen to use more efficiently the opportunities offered by the intellectual property system, to forge new values, to transform their creative resources into economic assets capable of generating goods and to contribute to the building of a better future for all citizens.

Sincere congratulations to the specialists in intellectual property, whose work is directly related to patenting/registration of intellectual property objects, legal protection of intellectual heritage of the country.

Creativity is common to the whole of humanity, being also an inexhaustible resource of each nation. I urge you, therefore, to develop this creative potential, to protect and to fully use it, edifying a decent future for our country in the family of civilized nations of the planet!

Dr. Lilia BOLOCAN,
Director General of AGEPI