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AGEPI participates in the TUM semi-centennial festivities


On the occasion of 50th anniversary from the foundation of the Technical University of Moldova (TUM), during the week 20-25 October 2014 are conducted TUM semi-centennial festivities under the motto “50 years of engineering higher education”.

In the jubilee events of 24 October this year, Director General of the State Agency on Intellectual Property of the Republic of Moldova (AGEPI) Lilia Bolocan addressed congratulations on behalf of the AGEPI staff, noting that the TUM history has known a great upward development, always staying at the forefront of higher education in our country and being the main forge shop of staffs in engineering, energetics, mechanics, informatics, telecommunications, industry, and in other various fields of national economy. Currently, Technical University of Moldova contributes essentially to the formation of national technical intellectuals and scientific elite.

Mrs. Lilia Bolocan specified in her speech that AGEPI highly appreciates the scientific results of TUM specialists, which have been reflected in over 315 patents, of which 90 - granted only in the last five years. The performance of those 281 academic inventors was assessed with hundreds of gold, silver and bronze medals, obtained at various national and international exhibitions and competitions. Being a member of the Black Sea Universities Network, TUM perfectly fits into an academic space, which will also become a part of the Europe’s unique academic space. The Director General of AGEPI wished the TUM staff - notable exponents of our people, personal and professional fulfillment, continuity fit in all scientific and research initiatives.