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AGEPI participated in the work of the National Science–Business Forum


On 11 December 2014, within the premises of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova (ASM) was held the National Science–Business Forum entitled “Development of Business Environment through Innovation”. The event, organized by ASM in collaboration with the Agency for Innovation and Technology Transfer (AITT), aimed to create an effective platform for communication and cooperation between the scientific and the business environment.

The Forum was attended by specialists in the field of business and science, as well as representatives of public authorities of the Republic of Moldova, banks, universities, non-governmental organizations. In the event were discussed the possibilities for joint development of innovative projects, based on research and innovation because innovation process is inconceivable without the participation of small and medium business.

In opening the Forum words of welcome to participants addressed Mr. Roman Chirca, Director General of AITT, Acad. Gheorghe Duca, President of ASM and Valeriu Lazar, president of CCI, who stressed the importance of innovation and contribution of the scientific community and the business environment in our country to the development of national economy. They emphasized, in particular, the need to build sustainable partnerships between these two spheres of activity, noting that only in this way will be able to ensure the competitiveness of the Republic of Moldova regionally and internationally.

The event included three panels of discussion: “"Overcoming the Crises and New Ways of Financing Innovations”, “Development of Innovative Entrepreneurship. Intellectual property” and “Stories of Success: Advantages and Difficulties”. In the second panel, Mrs. Svetlana Munteanu, Deputy Director General of AGEPI, presented the communication “Symbiosis between Innovative Entrepreneurship and Intellectual Property”, emphasizing the importance of intellectual property (IP) for the growth of economic competitiveness and the development of innovation entrepreneurship, the need to encourage the use of intellectual property by SMEs and AGEPI activities in this regard.

In the third panel was presented a number of scientific research developments implemented in the production process: Dr. Boris Carabulea, Development and Implementation of Advanced Technologies for Manufacturing Ecologically Pure Dairy Products with New Starter Cultures (“Sinerg Sistem” LTD – Technical University of Moldova); Dr. Hab. Valeriu Dorogan, Pilot Mobile Mammographic Installation for Early Detection of Breast Cancer in the Republic of Moldova (Medical Center “Excelence” - Technical University of Moldova); Mr. Mihail Rotaru, Development and Manufacture of Electrochemical Lathe (Strung EHS) on the basis of High-Frequency Generator of Medium Power Technological Current (300 ... 500kW) and Implementation of the Two-Sided and Volume Electrochemical Processing Technology (DECM) (JV Plant TOPAZ JSC - Institute of Applied Physics)”; Dr. Hab. Mircea Bernic, Development and Implementation of Fruit and Vegetable Pellet-Based Dryer (Technical University of Moldova) etc.

At the end of the event took place the ceremony for awarding the winners of the Contest “Top of Innovations”, fifth edition. The organizers of this intellectual contest are ASM, AITT and AGEPI. The purpose of the contest was to determine the most valuable innovations in various fields of research and innovation that have been developed, patented and/or implemented during the last two years.

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