AGEPI participated in the Exhibition “Creation Opens the Universe-2019”


The opening of the Exhibition of Students’ Works “Creation Opens the Universe-2019”, organized by TUM for the ninth time, was held on 19 April this year, in the precincts of the TEKWILL Excellence Center at Rascani University Campus, Technical University of Moldova. During the exhibition have been displayed exhibits in various technical and engineering fields and creative industries.

The opening ceremony of the exhibition was attended by Viorel Bostan, TUM Rector, Monica Babuc, Minister of Education, Culture and Research, Ion Tighineanu, President of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova; Andrei Popa, Deputy Director General of the State Agency on Intellectual Property (AGEPI), Doina Nistor, Director of the USAID Moldova Competitiveness Project; Marin Ciobanu, Administrator of the Balti Free Economic Area, President of APIP; Veaceslav Kunev, President of the National Association of ICT Companies, as well as representatives of the partners of the Technical University of Moldova, directors of institutions and enterprises, etc.

At the beginning of the event, Mrs. Monica Babuc welcomed the organization of such activities and mentioned the importance of the technical education in our country, especially the contribution of the Technical University to the training of young specialists.

In turn, AGEPI Deputy Director General, in his address to the participants, congratulated the students for their achievements and thanked the organizers for the idea of ​​organizing such an event, aimed at promoting innovation, stating that each exhibit is susceptible of protection by the intellectual property system. Mr. Andrei Popa also spoke about the support provided by AGEPI to the young students and the support of young people in the registration or patenting of intellectual property objects.

The agenda of the event included several public lessons, workshops, practical workshops in various fields of science and technology: biomedical engineering; smart gardens; information technology, creative industries, textile and leather goods, architecture, food, handmade techniques, Robo Factory, etc.

The exhibition also included a demonstration of the Rube Goldberg machines built by teams of students from the TUM departments and Technical College; a Fashion Show with a presentation of the collections of the young fashion designers – students of the “Industrial Clothing Design” program.

In the Engineering “Rube Goldberg-2019” Competition took part 8 teams that built a Rube Goldberg machine, which had to perform the function of turning a sheet from a book. The judging criteria were: running the machine without the intervention of the participants, the complexity of the machine, and also the aesthetic aspect of the machine. The purpose of the competition was to create a competitive environment for the student, as well as to provoke him to manifest his creativity and inventiveness.

The event was also marked by several festive moments occasioned by the announcement of the winners of the Republican Technical Olympiad in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science, Artistic Drawing, and of the Student Contest of Rube Goldberg Machines “RG - TUM 2019”.

Traditionally, AGEPI participated with dissemination of information in the field of intellectual property protection. At the same time, AGEPI experts participated both in the selection of the best works to be exhibited at the International Specialized Exhibition “Infoinvent-2019” in November and the judging of the works presented at the Student Contest of Rube Goldberg Machines “RG -TUM 2019”and awarded diplomas and prizes to the TUM students taking 1st, 2nd and 3rd places, who presented the most creative and innovative works.