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AGEPI Invites Mass Media Representatives to the Final Event of the KnowING IPR Project


The State Agency on Intellectual Property (AGEPI) invites mass media representatives to participate in the final event of the project co-funded by the European Union KnowING IPR “Fostering Innovation in the Danube Region through Knowledge Engineering and IPR Management”, a project in which AGEPI is a partner.

The meeting will take place on December 20, starting at 10:00. Given the epidemiological situation generated by the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), the final event will take place in online format. The event will bring together representatives from EU Member States participating in the project, as well as experts in the field. Those interested in participating are invited to register at the following link:

During the event, main speakers will discuss topics important for all segments of the KnowING IPR area of impacts - the future DTP programme funding and the parts towards reaching EUSDR goals with the emphasis on Priority area activities. The other speakers will address tackle the issues of innovation, development, entrepreneurship, transnational cooperation, funding policies, technology transfer and IP patent data.

In the three and a half years of activity, the consortium has prepared and reported a total of 137 deliverables and 21 results. The main result of the project is the KnowING HUB Platform - a complex online database for providing access to enriched data, knowledge extraction tools and intellectual property rights (IPR) management tools for both basuic and more advanced users. The KnowlNG Hub portal allows you to search and retrieve data using browsers and mobile applications. It is a complete service offered online, available on

Other results of the project include:

KnowING HUB Training KITs - a set of instructional materials and guides for providers, novice users and advanced users of the platform.

KnowING IPR Helpdesk Service - a service providing support and instructions on technical and general protocol matters of the KnowING HUB platform, as well as IPR management issues in project Member States. It is intended primarily for novice users with limited knowledge of IP;

IPR mentoring programmes implemented for various categories of beneficiaries: SMEs (automotive sector); higher education institutions and research institutions (HEI & RI) and startups;

Identifying innovation, IPR and technology transfer policy issues and developing a set of recommendations for improving IPR management policies in the Danube region by assessing the institutional and regulatory framework in partner states and consulting various stakeholders, representatives of the entrepreneurial, academic and public sector;

Increasing the level of knowledge and use of IPR in the Danube region based on the “triple helix” model of innovation, reaching to enterprises, especially SMEs, business support organizations, public authorities, higher education and research institutions.

The KnowING IPR project is co-funded by European Union funds, namely: the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA) and the European Neighborhood Instrument (ENI). The project consists of a regional consortium comprising partners from the following countries: Slovenia, Slovakia, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Romania, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine.

For more information related to the implementation of the project in the Republic of Moldova, please contact us at the email address: or at the telephone number 022 400 583.

The agenda of the event can be accessed below: