AGEPI has obtained the Certificate of Credibility for the Most Honest Taxpayer


On April 4 this year, Auditors and Management Consultants Association (MACA) of the Republic of Moldova, AO Ecofin-Consult, National Representative and member of the European Organization for Quality, organized the second International Scientific Conference dedicated to the national holiday “Day of Professional Accountants”, entitled “The Importance of Modernization of Higher Education and Continuous Vocational Training in Ensuring the Professionalism of Accountants and Tax Officials”. The conference in question was held in the National Theater “Vasile Alecsandri” from Balti.The meeting was attended by over 600 accountants and tax officials, representatives of international financial institutions, representatives of business and professional associations in all districts of the country. The event aimed to identify solutions to the most common problems that involve accounting fiscal reality in relation to the professionalism of specialists in this field.Conference discussion topic was focused on the modernization of higher education, as well as continuous vocational training in book-keeping, for their harmonization with advanced practices and international standards of education.In the plenary session took place the ceremony on awarding the certificates of credibility and diplomas of merit to the most honest taxpayers, and the most professional accountants, these being offered by Ion Prisacaru, head of the State Tax Inspectorate.Thus, AGEPI was awarded the Certificate entitled “Highly Credible Tax Payer” for contribution in promoting the tax civicism and compliance to honor tax obligations. Also, a diploma of merit “Professional Accountant” was awarded to Mrs. Maria Vicol, chief accountant of AGEPI for her contribution in promoting the tax civicism, and last but not least, for her professional capabilities in implementing the latest technologies in the field of finance and accounting.We should mention that for the first time, Accountant Day in the Republic of Moldova was celebrated in 2010. This professional holiday was established by Presidential Decree of the Republic of Moldova, in connection with the economic and financial importance of accounting activity, taking into account the role and responsibility of specialists working in the field of accounting.