AGEPI became part of the EURAXESS-Moldova Services Network as EURAXESS Local Contact Point


EURAXESS-Moldova Services Network in is part of the European network that connects more than 200 service centers for researchers, who joined the EURAXESS Services Commitment. EURAXESS Services Network is an initiative of the European Commission and the countries participating in the research programs of the European Union. Through the EURAXESS Network is provided information and assistance to foreign researchers who wish to come to the Republic of Moldova, and to those looking for jobs in research in other European countries throughEURAXESS portal and with the support of the National EURAXESS Services Centres and the EURAXESS Local Contact Points. EURAXESS objective is to contribute to removing barriers to the mobility of researchers.EURAXESS-Moldova Services Network in provides free counseling services to researchers from abroad who wish to engage in universities, research institutes or among other companies of the Republic of Moldova.For more information on services provided by the EURAXESS Services Network, available jobs in the research sector, and information about living in another European country, you can contact the national EURAXESS portals of the 40 partner countries and EURAXESS Services Centres