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The 35th International Salon of the Inventions, Technology and New Products of Geneva


The 35th International Salon of the Inventions, Technology and New Products of Geneva will be carried on the period of April18-22, 2007, at the Exhibition Center PALEXPO (Geneva, Switzerland).

The salon is organized under the aegis of the Confederative Government and State Counsel of Switzerland, Administrative Counsel of Geneva. The first edition was carried out in 1972 with the aim to unify the inventors and investors, to promote the invention in the market? contribute to the economical development. The aim of the Salon consists in the promotion of the recent elaboration on the international level and to permit to the visitors to lift the veil of the future, created by the inventors and investigators.

The edition of this year will gather the representatives of more than 40 states with more than one thousand exhibits. As a rule the exhibition is visited by 70 thousand persons.

The industrial state and private commercial companies, associations and research institutions, scientists and inventors will represent inventions, technologies and new products in such fields as: power, ecology, informatics, mechanics, electronics, construction, agriculture, medicine, publicity etc. The most relevant elaborations will be awarded by the International Jury with special medals and prizes, among which the most honorary is the Grand Prix of the Salon. The member of the International Jury on behalf of the Republic of Moldova is Mr. Aurelian Gulea, Doctor Habilitate, University Prof., USM.

The Republic of Moldova will take part in the salon the 8-th consecutive year, representing up to 10 the most valuable autochthonous inventions from the different fields of the science and technology. Participation of the Moldovan inventors in this Salon is permanently financed logistic maintained by the State Agency on Intellectual Property of the Republic of Moldova offering in such a manner the possibility to assert them plenary in the extern market. the list of the inventions that will be promoted abroad is determined on the competition of the national coordinators of the international exhibitions from Geneva, Switzerland, Brussels, Belgium, Bucharest, Romania, Moscow, Russian Federation, named by the President of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova. The person responsible on the participation of the Republic of Moldova in the Salon is Mr. Ion Toderash, the corresponding Member of ASM, coordinator of the Section biology, chemistry and ecology. The mentioned Salon was included in the Program of participation of the Republic of Moldova in the international exhibition of 2007, adopted by the Decision of the government No. 1220 of 23.10.2006.

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