„Intellectus”, Journal of Intellectual Property

Requirements for authors

Opinions expressed in the journal belong to the authors of respective articles and do not necessarily reflect the views of co-publishers. The responsibility for the content of the articles rests solely with the authors.

Consecutive layout of materials in the paper submitted for publication

UDC: title of the paper, name and surname of the author(s), information about the author(s), abstract and key words in Romanian and in one of the international circulation languages, text, bibliography.

The paper shall be submitted in electronic format and on paper carrier. The original of the paper must be signed by all authors, indicating the date of submission (review) of the article.

Scientific papers shall be subject to a double and blind review.

Publishing languages

Papers can be presented in Romanian, Russian, English or French.

Volume of the paper

Up to 10 pages, format A4. The text of the paper shall be written in Times New Roman font, point size 14, line spacing 1.5, top margin of the sheet – 25 mm, bottom margin – 25 mm, left margin – 25 mm, right margin – 25 mm. Abstract and information on author – at discretion.

Requirements for the content and structure of the paper

The new and original scientific research, made by the authors, shall be expressed clearly and logically. The paper shall include: introduction, formulation of the research problem, methods and procedures used, results, conclusions and references (bibliography list).

Editing requirements

Papers typed in Word for Windows editor (version no lower than 6) will be accepted.


It is mandatory and shall be placed at the end of the paper in at least two languages: Romanian and English. The volume of the abstract is up to 40 words. For foreign authors, the abstract in Romanian is not mandatory.


The figures shall be presented in black and white. The name shall be numbered and presented under each figure.


The titles of the charts shall be placed to the right of the center. The text shall necessarily refer to each figure and chart.


The formulae shall be typed in Word for Windows editor. They shall be numbered with round parentheses and the cumbersome ones shall be placed in several rows.


The list of bibliography shall be placed at the end of the material in the order of reference in the text and shall be presented in the original language. The bibliographic sources shall be given in the standard form: name, surname, title, publication, etc. The reference shall be marked with figures in square parentheses.

The information on authors shall include the name and surname, working place, position, scientific degree, field of scientific activity, work and home phone, E-mail.

The following shall be submitted to the editorial board of the journal:

1. Article materials:

  • for authors of the Republic of Moldova: two copies of articles, printed on laser printer, and the files with the text of the article shall be submitted personally, the electronic version shall also be sent by e-mail;
  • for foreign authors: files with the text of the article shall also be sent by e-mail.The information on authors, including a portrait photo of each author. The information shall be submitted in the Word for Windows format (version not lower than 6.0).

2. The files with the text of the paper and the information on authors can be sent by e-mail archived: RAR/ZIP – Archives.

Papers that do not meet the requirements shall not be published.

Address of the editorial board:

MD-2024, 24/1, Andrei Doga str., Chisinau, Republic of Moldova,

State Agency on Intellectual Property (AGEPI),

Editorial board of the journal „Intellectus”.

Tel. (37322) 400-586, 400-589.

E-mail: stefan.secareanu@agepi.gov.md.