Registration of Copyright and Related Rights

Filing an application for registration of an object of  copyright or related rights (hereinafter – application):

The application shall be filed with the AGEPI:

In the case of filing an application with the AGEPI directly, all documents necessary for the registration shall be filed with the application. The application shall be deemed filed upon the presentation of the entire package of documents referred to in paragraphs 3-6 of the Regulation on the registration of objects of copyright and  related  rights , approved by Government Decision No.89 of 10 February 2012.  In the absence of these documents, the application will not be accepted.

In other cases of filing an application for registration, the materials attached to the application shall be submitted directly to the AGEPI within 3 working days.

The representative:

The application for registration of an object of copyright or related rights in a published or unpublished work shall be filed with the AGEPI by the applicant in person or through a representative holding a power of attorney issued, under the terms of the law, within the term of protection of copyright.

Issue of the certificate of registration of the object:

If the application meets all legal requirements for registration, AGEPI shall, within 30 working days, enter the data on the registration of the work in the State Register of objects protected by copyright and related rights and issue a certificate of registration of the object to the applicant.

AGEPI shall be entitled to refuse registration of a work submitted by the applicant in the following cases:

  • failure to meet the requirements referred to in the Regulation;
  • the work is not an object of copyright or related rights;
  • the object submitted has already been recorded in the State Register;
  • the derivative works prejudice the rights of the author of the original work;
  • the work submitted is the subject of a dispute in the court and there is no final decision in this respect;
  • the name of the work is contrary to the accepted principles of morality.

The reasoned decision on refusal to register the object shall be submitted to the applicant within 30 working days as of the date of filing of the application.

Challenging the decision of refusal:

The decision of refusal may be challenged by the applicant in the court.