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27/01/2011 | Events

Documentation Visits of the Twinning Project Experts to Chisinau

In order to achieve the Twinning Project “Support to implementation and enforcement of intellectual property in the Republic of Moldova” launched on November 1, 2010, in January 2011 in Chisinau is conducting a series of documentation visits of the European experts. Thus, between January 9 to 14,... Read more
26/01/2011 | Events

Advertisement to Interested People!

In accordance with the Regulations on the Board of Appeals of AGEPI, approved by Government Decision no. 257 of 02.04.2009, under the provisions of no. 01 and no. 02 of January 25, 2011, on February 9 and February 11, 2011, 09.00, will take place the AGEPI Board of Appeals meetings during which... Read more
26/01/2011 | Events

Actions on Promotion of Intellectual Property in the Exhibition “Made in Moldova”

Traditionally, visitors to the Exhibition (representatives of enterprises and organizations of all branches of national economy, innovation and development sector and business community from abroad) will be able to know the practical aspects of protection of intellectual property objects viewing... Read more
10/01/2011 | Events

Inauguration of the Bureau of International Cooperation in Research and Innovation

In December 2010, within the State University of Moldova (SUM) was inaugurated the Bureau of International Cooperation in Research and Innovation, its opening and endowment with the necessary equipment is possible thanks to the TEMPUS “MERCURY” project “Towards the Research Entrepreneurial... Read more
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