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19/05/2010 | Events

Advertisement to Interested People!

According to the provisions of the Regulations on the Board of Appeals of AGEPI, approved by the Government Decision no. 257 of 02.04.2009, under the provisions no. 07 and no. 08 of May 12, 2010, on 27 and 28 May 2010, 09.00, there will be held the meetings of the Board of Appeals of AGEPI, during... Read more
12/05/2010 | Events

The Delegation of the Republic of Moldova Participating in the World Expo-2010

The 2010 edition of the World Exhibition (World Expo) was opened on May 1, 2010, in Shanghai, People’s Republic of China, which is one of the major worldwide events. The slogan of the World Exhibition-2010 – “Better City - Better Life” - focuses on urbanization issues in the twenty-first century,... Read more
11/05/2010 | Events

Competition “INVENTION OF THE YEAR-2009”

The Organizing Committee of the Competition “INVENTION OF THE YEAR – 2009” draws attention of the scientific and innovative community representatives on the fact that on May 17, 2010, expires the term for submission of requests to participate in the sixth edition of the nominated contest. The... Read more
24/03/2010 | Events

International Exhibition of Inventions, Techniques and New Products in Geneva - the most prestigious international event in the field of inventions

The International Exhibition of Inventions, Techniques and New Products in Geneva with an annual average of over 700 exhibitors fr om 45 countries and over 60 000 visitors - is the most prestigious international event in the field of inventions. The 38 th Salon will take place in April 21-25, 2010... Read more
24/03/2010 | Events

Competition "INVENTICA -2009"

The State Agency on Intellectual Property of the Republic of Moldova (AGEPI) announces the scientific and innovative community in the republic about launching the sixth edition of the contest “INVENTICA OF THE YEAR” . The purpose of this contest is to popularize and support of innovational activity... Read more
17/03/2010 | Events

Attention of all interested parties, applicants and holders of trademarks!

TheWorld Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) informs about publication of the following lists (№ 102) of the non-protected international designations proposed for the pharmaceutical products on the official website of the World Health Organization (WHO) Read more
17/03/2010 | Events

On April 26, 2010, WIPO celebrates 10 th anniversary of the World Intellectual Property Day and the 40-th anniversary of the entry into force of the Convention establishing WIPO

Most people are aware of the existence of intellectual property (IP), in particular copyright, patents, industrial designs and trademarks. However, many still believe that these concepts apply to the business and law and are not required for their lives. To remove this shortcoming, in 2000. WIPO... Read more
13/03/2010 | Events

Denmark and Romania will make the European Program “Support for the implementation and enforcement of intellectual property rights in the Republic of Moldova”

The Consortium formed by the Danish Patent and Trademark Office (DKPTO) and the State Office for Inventions and Trademarks of Romania (OSIM ) won the tender announced by the EU in the end of 2009 for completion MD09/ENP-PCA/OT/04 program “Support to implementation and enforcement of intellectual... Read more
11/02/2010 | Events

Welcome! International Exhibition of research, innovation and patenting PRO INVENT-2010

On March 16-19, 2010 in Cluj-Napoca, Romania will take place the seventh edition of the “International Salon of Research, Innovation and Patents PRO INVENT-2010”. The event in question is organized by the Ministry of Education, Research and Innovation, National Authority for Scientific Research... Read more
10/02/2010 | Events

Beneficiaries Attention!

During current February 15-19 inside the Library of CID PI of AGEPI will take place THE INFORMATION DAYS There will be presented over 150 books and journals in the field of intellectual property, law, economics, management, encyclopedias and dictionaries. We expect you in the ap. 507 floor 5. The... Read more
02/02/2010 | Events


The index of AGEPI editions proposed to subscription for the 2010 comprises the following periodicals: The Official Bulletin of Industrial Property (BOPI) The intellectual property journal “Intellectus” with the supplement „AGEPI-Info”. Subscription cost BOPI (paper) – 220 Leis for 3 months, 440... Read more
02/02/2010 | Events

The competition “The trademark of the year” has evidenced the most valuable trademarks

In the frame of the exhibition “Made in Moldova - 2009” there took place the official ceremony of nomination of the winners of the VII -th Competition “The trademark of the year”, organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in cooperation with the State Agency on Intellectual Property. In the... Read more


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