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19/02/2008 | Events

The National Exhibition “Fabricated in Moldova” - 2008

On February 5-10, 2008, in the IEC “Moldexpo”, took place the VII-th National Exhibition “Fabricated in Moldova” – 2008, organized by the Camber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) and the National Association of Producers, under the aegis of the Government of the Republic of Moldova. The general motto... Read more
13/02/2008 | Events

The International salon of inventica “PRO INVENT”

The State Agency on Intellectual Property of the Republic of Moldova (AGEPI) informs that in the period of April 1-4, 2008 will take place the VI-th International Salon of Inventica “PRO INVENT”. The manifestation is organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Cluj, Expo Transilvania, under... Read more
04/02/2008 | Events

The quarterly meeting of the representatives in industrial property

In the frame of the first quarterly meeting of representatives in industrial property, organized by AGEPI in 2008 the matters were axed on importance of the close cooperation between the specialists of the State Agency on Intellectual Property and the members of the recently created Attorneys... Read more
04/02/2008 | Events

National strategy in the field of innovations for 2008-2011

On the request of the State Agency on Intellectual Property at the assistance of the “Assistance in implementation of APC, WTO and Europe-RM Action Plan in the frame of European Neighborhood Policy” Project, It was elaborated the National Strategy in the field of innovation for 2008-2011 and the... Read more
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