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25/06/2007 | Events

Session of the WIPO Permanent Committee on the copyright and related rights

On June 18-22, 2007 in Geneva, Switzerland took place the II Special Session of the WIPO Permanent Committee on the copyright and related rights (SCCRR). In the framework of the Session there were elucidated matters of the copyright, discussed evolution and perspectives of the development of the... Read more
21/06/2007 | Events

The International Conference organized by UNECE

In the period of July 25-27, 2007 will take place the International Conference “Protection of the intellectual property rights and transforming the results in the field of research and development into the intangible assets in the period of the transition economy”, organized by the Union of Nations... Read more
19/06/2007 | Events

The X-th International Specialized Exhibition “INFOINVENT- 2007”

In the period of June 27-30, 2007 in the ISE “Moldexpo” will take place the X-th International Specialized Exhibition "INFOINVENT- 2007" a real forum for the national intelligent people and an expo-market of the inventions, equipment, technologies and new materials. The organizers of the exhibition... Read more
30/05/2007 | Events

The quarterly meeting of the representatives in industrial property

AGEPI invites the representatives in industrial property to take part in the quarterly meeting in the framework of which there will be discussed different matters and will be given information on the new laws drafts. The meeting will take place on June 7, 2007 at 15.00 in the conference hall of... Read more
29/05/2007 | Events

Working visit to AGEPI of the European experts in the frame of implementation of the Plan of actitvity RM-EU

In the frame of the process of harmonization of the national legislation with the legislation of the European Unity, realized on the basis of the Plan of activity RM-EU, working visits of the European experts have taken place. Thus, in the period of May 21-25, 2007 took place the working visit to... Read more
07/05/2007 | Events

Poet Grigore Vieru was awarded with a Diploma and a WIPO Gold Medal

At the festivity dedicated to the World Intellectual Property Day taking place on April 26 , in AGEPI an event of great importance occurred; a genial poet of our people Grigore Vieru was decorated with a Diploma and a WIPO Gold Medal for the the remarkable success in the field of literature. On... Read more
03/05/2007 | Events

In attention of the applicants and representatives of industrial property. Transliteration of the trademarks

In view of non-unified interpretation of the term “Transliteration” in the procedure of trademarks registration AGEPI introduces the following clarify: In order to respect the reg. 2.1.1. and 9.12 of the Regulations on application of the Law no. 588/1995 on the trademarks and appellations of origin... Read more
25/04/2007 | Events

The Festive Session dedicated to the World Intellectual Property Day

On April 26 in the traditional mode we celebrate the World Intellectual Property Day. On the occasion of this fact, the State Agency on Intellectual Property of the Republic of Moldova organizes at 14.00 in the conference hall of AGEPI a festive session. It will take part the administration of the... Read more
23/04/2007 | Events

Word book and copyright day

By celebrating this Day throughout the world, UNESCO seeks to promote reading, publishing and the protection of intellectual property through copyright. 23 April: a symbolic date for world literature for on this date and in the same year of 1616, Cervantes, Shakespeare and Inca Garcilaso de la Vega... Read more
04/04/2007 | Events

Promotion on the new realizations on the Exhibition "Ecoinvent 2007"

State Agency on Intellectual Property (AGEPI) informs that in the period of May 30 – June 2, 2007 , will take place the III-d International Exhibition of Inventions on the Environment Protection "Ecoinvent 2007", that will be held in Iasi, Romania in the "Hall of the lost steps” of the A.I. Cuza... Read more
04/04/2007 | Events

World Intellectual Property Day, April 26, 2007

On World Intellectual Property Day this year, WIPO celebrates the link between intellectual property (IP) and creativity under the theme - Encouraging Creativity. Message from Kamil Idris, Director General Each year on April 26, governments and organizations around the world join WIPO in... Read more
30/03/2007 | Events

The round table "Intellectual Property and genetic resources, traditional knowledge and folklore"

In order to establish priorities and to define some key-positions on the matters of keeping, administering and authorized utilization of the genetic resources, their associated traditional knowledge and folklore, fair distribution of the beneficiaries from using thereof, was held a round table... Read more
20/03/2007 | Events

Annual scientific-practical symposium “Lecturi AGEPI”

State Agency on Intellectual Property protection invites the specialists interested with the intellectual property matters to take part in the annual scientific-practical symposium “Lecturi AGEPI” that will take place in April 19-20, 2007 . The subjects of the symposium: Registration,... Read more
19/03/2007 | Events

The 35th International Salon of the Inventions, Technology and New Products of Geneva

The 35th International Salon of the Inventions, Technology and New Products of Geneva will be carried on the period of April18-22, 2007 , at the Exhibition Center PALEXPO (Geneva, Switzerland). The salon is organized under the aegis of the Confederative Government and State Counsel of Switzerland,... Read more
16/03/2007 | Events

Meeting of the specialists in the field of the policy of innovation and competitiveness

At the first meeting of the Group of specialists in the field of Policy of Innovation and Competitiveness (TOS-ICP) in the frame of the Economical Commission of United Nations for Europe (UNECE), that took place in Geneva, Switzerland on March 8-9, 2007, there took part 78 delegations from 27... Read more


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