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30/05/2007 | Events

The quarterly meeting of the representatives in industrial property

AGEPI invites the representatives in industrial property to take part in the quarterly meeting in the framework of which there will be discussed different matters and will be given information on the new laws drafts. The meeting will take place on June 7, 2007 at 15.00 in the conference hall of... Read more
29/05/2007 | Events

Working visit to AGEPI of the European experts in the frame of implementation of the Plan of actitvity RM-EU

In the frame of the process of harmonization of the national legislation with the legislation of the European Unity, realized on the basis of the Plan of activity RM-EU, working visits of the European experts have taken place. Thus, in the period of May 21-25, 2007 took place the working visit to... Read more
07/05/2007 | Events

Poet Grigore Vieru was awarded with a Diploma and a WIPO Gold Medal

At the festivity dedicated to the World Intellectual Property Day taking place on April 26 , in AGEPI an event of great importance occurred; a genial poet of our people Grigore Vieru was decorated with a Diploma and a WIPO Gold Medal for the the remarkable success in the field of literature. On... Read more
03/05/2007 | Events

In attention of the applicants and representatives of industrial property. Transliteration of the trademarks

In view of non-unified interpretation of the term “Transliteration” in the procedure of trademarks registration AGEPI introduces the following clarify: In order to respect the reg. 2.1.1. and 9.12 of the Regulations on application of the Law no. 588/1995 on the trademarks and appellations of origin... Read more
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